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UWC Library Researcher Support: Figshare

About Figshare

Figshare is a web-based platform to help academic institutions manage, disseminate and measure the public attention of all their research outputs. The light-touch and user-friendly approach focuses on four key areas: research data management, reporting and statistics, research data dissemination and administrative control. Figshare works with institutions internationally to help them meet key funder recommendations and to provide world-leading tools to support an open culture of data sharing and collaboration.

Your research is assigned a DOI. This means you can cite it as a research out put alongside your paper or as a freestanding piece of data
• Figshare complies with funder mandates around making data openly accessible and stored in perpetuity
• You can use Figshare to make you data private or share it with the world by making it public
• Everything that is uploaded to Figshare (that you choose to make public) is indexed with Google Scholar. This helps improve exposure to your research
• Uploading your data is a quick and painless process!
• You can create a private link to your data and share it with others before making it public
• You can create a metadata only record and link it to data stored elsewhere
• Any file type can be uploaded
• Sensitive data can be uploaded and kept secure