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This guide provides information and links to resources that are useful for the School of Natural Medicine.

Exam papers

Past Exam Papers

Use your Student number and password (yyyymmdd) to access previous question papers. Please note that exam papers are not accessible from Off Campus.

Recommended Books

This PDF document contains a list of recommended / prescribed textbooks for Naturopathy, Phytotherapy and Unani Students. Search uKwazi (Library Catalogue) to find if these books are available in the library.

Welcome to the School of Natural Medicine Guide

Searching Tips

Boolean Operators ( AND, OR, NOT )

Join concepts: dietetics AND nutrition

Synonyms: nutrition OR food

Excluding words from your search: obesity NOT fast-foods

Phrase searching: "..." ( inverted commas )

" diary free diet "

Truncations: * at the end of a word or within a word

manage* search for manager, management

p*adiatric search for peadiatric, pediatric 

Parentheses () 

to enclose search strategies will customize your results to more accurately reflect your topic

( smoking OR tobacco ) AND food

not return smoking or tobacco when food is not mentioned

Subject Guide

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Book an appointment

Make an appointment to see your Librarian who can help you select database/s or other search tools, or find books, journal articles, newspaper sources, government documents etc for your research project.

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About this guide

The content of this guide was developed by Veliswa Tshetsha and reused with permission.