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Political Studies

A guide to resources for Political & International Studies

New books

To find more books on Political Studies go to the Library homepage and use uKwazi. The library collection contains both print and e-books.

Where in the Library......


...are the Political Studies books?

UWC Library uses a system known as Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) to arrange its books on the shelves. As a result, all books that cover the same subject will be shelved together under the assigned number. Political Studies books are found basically between the numbers 320 - 329. 

They are housed in the Economics and Management section on level 7 of the Main Library. The prescribed books are kept in Short Loans Department on level 5 of the Main Library.

Basic shelf numbers for Political Studies books:

  • 321 Systems of governments and states
  • 322 Relation of the state to organized groups and their members
  • 323 Civil and political rights
  • 324 The political process
  • 325 International migration and coloniztion
  • 326 Slavery and emancipation
  • 327 International relations
  • 328 The legislative process


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