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Social Work Research Support

This guide is designed to assist in your research process. The guide contains research resources related to Research Design, Literature Review, Research Methods, Data Analysis and Ethics.


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Start your research

1. Defining your topic.

2. Choose a research method

3. Do a literature review.

4. Gather data.

Methods of data collection are questionnaires, interviews, observation, records

5. Analyze data

Analyze qualitative date, Atlas Ti

Analyze quantitative data, SPSS

6. Writing up

Postgraduate Training

How to start your research


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HIFA profile: Kuku Voyi is chair of the School of Health Systems and Public Health, University of Pretoria, South Africa.

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Library Resources

001.4           Researh

001.42         Research Methods

361.72         Social Work Research

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Make an appointment to see your Librarian who can help you select database/s or other search tools, or find books, journal articles, newspaper sources, government documents etc for your research project. 

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Searching Tips

Boolean Operators ( AND, OR, NOT )

Join concepts: adolescents AND teenagers

Synonyms: alcohol OR substance

Excluding words from your search: risky behavior NOT community violence

Phrase searching: "..." ( inverted commas )

" risky behavior "

Truncations: * at the end of a word or within a word

adolesc* search for adolescent, adolescents

behavi*r search for behaviour, behavior 

Parentheses () 

to enclose search strategies will customize your results to more accurately reflect your topic

( substance abuse OR alcohol abuse) AND risky behavior

not return substance abuse or alcohol abuse when risky behavior is not mentioned

("substance abuse" AND "alcohol abuse" ) AND ("sibling" OR "brother") AND ( risky behavi*r AND "parent support")

Citation Search

Find out if article have been cited by other authors.

Help to find more recent papers.

Indicate the importance of a piece of research.

Help to make your literature review more comprehensive.

Google Scholar and SCOPUS help with citation searching


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