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Law Guide: What is ORCID?

This guide is designed to help you start your legal and law library research.

What is ORCID and how will it benefit me?

ORCID® = Open Researcher and Contributor ID

  • Solves researcher name ambiguity by creating a persistent unique identifier  
  • Serves as a linking mechanism between research objects such as books, articles, posters, data sets, and 30+ research formats
  • Is free and available to any researcher in any career phase
  • Transcends disciplines as well as geographic, national and institutional boundaries
  • Is NOT ResearchGate, SCOPUS, or Web of Science but easily can be used with each of these platforms
  • Enables use of Wizards to quickly import your work 
  • Is required by an increasing number of funders and publishers
  • Six Things to Do Now That You've Got an ORCID ID

Creating Your Profile

Register for an ORCID Identifier

1) It's free to register for an ORCID identifier and the registration takes only 30 seconds.  

  • Go to the registration page at
  • Fill out the registration form with your name and email address, and create a password
  • Select your privacy preference 
    • Everyone
    • Trusted parties
    • Only me
  • Select email notification delivery frequency
    • Immediately
    • Daily summary
    • Weekly summary
    • Quarterly summary
    • Never (notifications will still be available in your ORCID account)
  • Accept the terms of use after reading the policy and usage terms and conditions 

2) After the registration, you will be given a 16-digit ORCID identifer.  

3) You can add your personal and professional information such as biography, education, employment, funding, and works to your record.

Who Uses ORCID?

Infographic that illustrates the people who use ORCID, such as funding agencies, universities & research institutions, publishers, repositories, and research & scholarly societies