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Law Guide: What is ORCID?

This guide is designed to help you start your legal and law library research.

What is ORCID and how will it benefit me?

ORCID® = Open Researcher and Contributor ID

  • Solves researcher name ambiguity by creating a persistent unique identifier  
  • Serves as a linking mechanism between research objects such as books, articles, posters, data sets, and 30+ research formats
  • Is free and available to any researcher in any career phase
  • Transcends disciplines as well as geographic, national and institutional boundaries
  • Is NOT ResearchGate, SCOPUS, or Web of Science but easily can be used with each of these platforms
  • Enables use of Wizards to quickly import your work 
  • Is required by an increasing number of funders and publishers
  • Six Things to Do Now That You've Got an ORCID ID

Who Uses ORCID?

Infographic that illustrates the people who use ORCID, such as funding agencies, universities & research institutions, publishers, repositories, and research & scholarly societies

Creating Your Profile

Register for an ORCID Identifier

1) It's free to register for an ORCID identifier and the registration takes only 30 seconds.  

  • Go to the registration page at
  • Fill out the registration form with your name and email address, and create a password
  • Select your privacy preference 
    • Everyone
    • Trusted parties
    • Only me
  • Select email notification delivery frequency
    • Immediately
    • Daily summary
    • Weekly summary
    • Quarterly summary
    • Never (notifications will still be available in your ORCID account)
  • Accept the terms of use after reading the policy and usage terms and conditions 

2) After the registration, you will be given a 16-digit ORCID identifier.  

3) You can add your personal and professional information such as biography, education, employment, funding, and works to your record.