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Open Access and libraries: Open Access

This guide is aimed at to brief students on what Open access is, its role in libraries.The guide will future go on to outline the benefits of open access to students and more specifically Libraries (Public) .

What is open access?

When we talk about open access (OA) we often referring to permanent, free online access to full text of all refereed research journal articles. Of which 2.5 million articles a year are published in 24,000 refereed journals across all disciplines, languages and nations.

 That are free of all restrictions on  access and free of many restrictions on use, example  certain copy right and license restrictions.Open access can be applied to all forms of published research output, including peer reviewed and non peer- reviewed journal articles.

There are two types of open access which often spoken about which is gratis open access and libre open access.


Open access and Institutional repositories

Important Open Access Initiatives

The following are important initiatives to support the open access movement which have occurred since the launch of the BOAI in February 2002:

Institutions that have signed the Declaration