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Selecting a journal to publish your article: Selecting a journal

Guide to selecting a journal to publish your article

Tips for selecting a journal

What is a journal Impact factor?

Impact factors are one indicator of journal quality.  They are calculated by determining the  number of times published articles have been cited in the preceding two years. The higher the impact factor, the more articles have been cited. The impact factor, however, should not be used exclusively to establish journal quality. Informed peer-review should also be considered.

Some tips for choosing the right journal:

  • Your literature review will contain journals in your field that have provided you with quality resources;
  • Consult your supervisors, peers and colleagues to obtain a list of journal they have used;
  • Does the aim and scope of the journal match your article content?
  • Has the journal published articles similar to your article?
  • Does the journal have any restrictions?
  • User the library provided services as well as online services such as Journal Finder (see right panel);
  • Consult your librarian.

(How to choose a journal, 2018)


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Selecting a journal

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Selecting a journal

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