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UWC Library Researcher Support

Off-campus access to resources

Off-campus access to University resources using the Ezproxy website is often hampered by incorrect passwords or access restrictions for the service. In an attempt to assist with the strain on staff resources, the ICS team has created a new password management portal for students and staff.  The site is reasonably self explanatory and the prerequisites are stated up front on the site homepage.

Please note that users must be able to log in to their UWC assigned email account before they can use this system to change their password.  A link is emailed to their UWC email address which enables them to change their password.

Access restrictions are still in place on the ezproxy service.  Some of these are noted below:

a. If a username exceeds the use of 500 MB of data within 12 hours, then the username gets blocked for 12 hours.  The username will then be automatically cleared for access.
b. A username gets blocked for 60 minutes if the incorrect password gets used 20 times within 24 hours.  The username must not be used for 60 minutes and then the username will be automatically cleared for access.
c. The ip address of the computer gets blocked for 15 mins if the incorrect password gets used 10 times within 5 mins.  The user should not attempt to log in for 15 mins and then the ip address will be automatically cleared for access.

Level 13 Postgraduate Centre

The PRC provides support through consultation with writing and statistics coaches on duty. Operating times: Mon - Thu, 08h30 - 24h00; Fri, 08h30 - 20h00 and certain Saturdays until 5pm. Common Rooms: 4 common rooms, each accommodating between12 and 30 students provide reading space and computer access. 

Google Scholar Search

Researcher workshops

Division of Postgraduate Studies: Literature Review

Is the literature relevant to the problem?
Has the relationship between the problem and the previous research been outlined?
Has the study been placed within an appropriate conceptual framework?

Venue: Main Library, Level 6 Training Room
Date : Saturday 22 September 2018
Time : 09h00


Inter-library loans

The Interlibrary Loans (ILL) system allows for material (ie, books and journal articles) not held in our library, to be borrowed from other libraries within the system, or from libraries abroad if not available locally. Users can request books or journal articles by clicking here to complete a form or email your requests to

To request a Thesis or Book please, click here to complete a form or email your requests to Request forms are also available at the ILL office. Users should complete one form per item, irrespective of whether two or more articles come from the same issue of the same journal. If there is no staff member in the office, please place your requests in the tray provided outside the office window. Please be sure to complete the form correctly and supply all the relevant details.


Library items may be loaned and returned at the Loans Desk at the entrance to the Library.

Your student/staff card is your library membership card. Please note it must be activated at the Loans Desk on your first visit. Your card is necessary for entrance to the Library and also must be produced when items are issued on loan to you. You are liable for the safe return of material lent on your card; do not allow others to use your card. Loss of your card should be reported immediately to the Loans Desk to prevent the possibility of becoming liable for library material issued to persons using your card.

Calico/Chelsa Letters

CALICO (Cape Library Consortium)

An agreement reached between the CALICO Libraries, viz. Libraries at the Universities of Cape Town, Stellenbosch and the Western Cape and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, provides for increased access to all staff and students to information held in all four Libraries.

A registered postgraduate student (excluding short-courses & Honours s) or a member of staff of any of the four institutions may visit the Main Libraries and some Branch Libraries of all four institutions and use the materials available in the Libraries. Your student or staff card will ensure your access, once you have been introduced via a Referral letter.

The referral letter is available at the Main Library via Faculty Librarians should you wish to apply for borrowing privileges at any of the other CALICO Libraries.

CHELSA (Committee of Higher Education Librarians of South Africa)

Staff and registered students at masters and doctoral level have national access to tertiary institutions through the CHELSA agreement between South African Universities. Such individuals should complete the CHELSA application form through their home institutions. Contact your Faculty Librarian for a letter of introduction/application form.

Please note: You are only allowed to use/borrow physical collection i.e. 4 books over 14 days at no cost.