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English Studies [Old]

Library Guide for English Studies

Welcome to the English Libguide

This guide can help you locate resources related to English literature studies at any point in the research

The Library purchases books, journals, and e-resources that reflect English's teaching, learning, and research areas. We offer training and support to students and staff to help them get the best out of the resources available.

uKwazi, is an online catalog that organizes and provides access to the resources available in the library. It is searchable, allowing users to discover and locate books, journals, articles, multimedia materials, and other items in the library's collection.

Here is a breakdown of what uKwazi does and how it can be useful:

  1. Access to Resources: The catalog provides a centralized platform for students to explore and access a wide range of library resources, including physical items and digital materials.
  2. Search Capabilities: Users can search using keywords, titles, authors, subjects, or other relevant criteria to find specific resources or discover materials related to their research topics.
  3. Availability and Location Information: It provides information on the availability, location, and current status of resources, helping students identify whether a particular item is on the shelves, checked out, or available electronically.
  4. Borrowing and Reservations: Students can check out or reserve items directly through the catalog, streamlining the borrowing process and ensuring the availability of desired resources.
  5. Account Management: Users can manage their library accounts, view checked-out items, renew materials, and track their borrowing history through the online catalog.


Below is a useable uKwazi search bar with which you can search our library catalog. go on give it a go!

Loan Procedure
  • All books borrowed from the open bookshelves must be presented at the circulation desk along with your current student/staff card.
  • The rights of the cardholder cannot be transferred to another person.
  • Items that have been borrowed may be renewed twice. Renewals are allowed only if the item is not overdue or not in demand.

Library Loan Policies:

  • Undergraduate students can borrow up to 4 items from the library for 2 weeks.
  • Postgraduate students have a slightly higher borrowing limit, allowing them to borrow up to 10 items for 4 weeks.
  • Staff members enjoy a more extensive borrowing privilege, with the ability to borrow up to 30 items from the library for 6 weeks.

Restrictions on Reference Books:

  • Reference books, denoted by their nature as sources of specialized information, are typically designated for use within the library premises only. These books are not available for external borrowing.
  • The rationale behind this restriction is to ensure that reference materials are accessible to all library patrons and to maintain their availability for reference purposes within the library environment.
Short Loans 

The Short Loans Section consists mainly of prescribed texts and recommended readings selected by your lecturers for your courses. The objective is to ensure that many people can access the available material.

DVDs and CD-Roms covering all subject areas are also kept here and may be viewed by individuals on level 5 or a group viewing by arrangement.

Short Loans

Books in the Short Loans Section may be used for one hour inside the Library. Where multiple copies are available, books may be borrowed overnight from 2 p.m. during the week and from 12 p.m. on Fridays. A maximum of two items may be borrowed.

How to Use Short Loan Services

Present your student card to the Short Loan Section staff, together with any of the following details of the book or article: author, title, and/or call number.

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