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Digital Humanities

A introduction and guide to digital humanities


Women in Technology UWC is a society that launched in 2020 with the vision to create an inclusive network in the converging and technology era, by defying the boundaries between physical, digital and biological worlds. We embody and promote women empowerment through offering knowledge and skills necessary to the technology space. 

This includes conducting campus and online activations, webinars, workshops and hackathons. 

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Digital Humanities Quarterly (DHQ) - is an open-access, peer-reviewed, digital journal covering all aspects of digital media in the humanities. Published by the Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH) and the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO), DHQ is also a community experiment in journal publication, with a commitment to

The Journal of Digital Humanities (JDH) - is an experiment in scholarly communication conducted by RRCHNM's PressForward Project. JDH was born of the desire to publish the most exciting and innovative digital humanities grey literature.

International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing (IJHAC) – is one of the world's premiere multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed journals for research on all aspects of arts and humanities computing. The journal focuses both on conceptual and theoretical approaches and case studies and essays demonstrating how advanced information technologies can further scholarly understanding of traditional topics in the arts and humanities.

International Journal of Digital Curations (IJDC) – is a bi-annual journal focussing on policy, strategic, operational, experimental, infrastructural, or tool-based aspects of the management and curation of digital data and other objects of value to research, cultural heritage or society. The study covers original research supported by significant evidence. 

Post-colonial digital humanities – An open thread on digital humanities and postcolonialism archived on the way back machine. The thread opens a discussion on postcolonialism and the digital humanities. The debate in the comments is worth a read!

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