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Digital Humanities

A introduction and guide to digital humanities


Women in Technology UWC is a society that launched in 2020 with the vision to create an inclusive network in the converging and technology era, by defying the boundaries between physical, digital and biological worlds. We embody and promote women empowerment through offering knowledge and skills necessary to the technology space. 

This includes conducting campus and online activations, webinars, workshops and hackathons. 

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Digital Humanities project is one that incorporates digital methods and computational techniques into its research methodology, dissemination strategy, and/or public engagement. In the research design of a typical Digital Humanities project, both digital and non-digital methods will be used. Scholars can use digital methods to ask questions that would be difficult to answer using non-digital methods due to the size or complexity of the source material. They also make research more accessible to the general public.

ARTchives - The Inventory of Art Historians’ Archives

The inventory of Art Historians’ Archives aims at gathering, describing and consuming information on archives produced by notable art historians spread around the world. The objective is to provide a flexible service for collecting data on art history related topics and serve accurate Linked Open Data. A web application leveraging so created data will provide scholars with new expressive means for discovering data


Collective Biographies of Women

CBW contains more than 14,000 chapters in its collective biographies. The creators have not identified the tables of contents of all 1271 volumes in the bibliography of English-language collective biographies of women. They are identifying the form types of these chapters: Primary Woman subject; Two Primary Female Subjects; historical events; fiction, and so on.


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