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UWC Research Repository (IR): Permissions & Copyright

The University of Western Cape's Research Repository was established in 2010 to provide online access to UWC research output.

Copyright Policy Permissions

Some publishers prohibit authors from depositing their journal articles in Repositories, others allow it, but with certain conditions. Authors can check the SHERPA/RoMEO website to find out what the publisher's copyright policies. If the publisher details are not in SHERPA/RoMEO, the Repository staff will contact the publisher to find out which version of the journal article is allowed online.

Original manuscript submitted to a journal
Author final version following peer review
Published PDF
Publisher layout, with pagination and branding

Author final version or published version?

Copyright permissions will state whether the author final version, which incorporates the peer reviewers comments, or the published version is allowed in the Repository. The author final version may be similar to the published text in content, but differs in appearance. It will not have the publisher's branding or copy editing of journals. It may be in either Word or PDF format.

If the publisher does not allow the published version in the Repository, the staff will add the author final version manuscript to a template, with UWC branding and the proper citation of the published article.The link to the published version is also added to the record in the Repository, so that it can be accessible for those who have a subscription. Click here for an example.

Author rights

Authors can retain all or some of the rights over their published material. It is important to know what these rights are when selecting a prospective journal publisher for a new article.

Authors also have a right to modify a Publication Agreement by attaching an Author Addendum to it. This Addendum is a legal instrument and allows the author to retain some rights over their published material for teaching, as well as for further research. UWC is currently discussing an Addendum to Publication Agreement document. This Addendum will give authors the right to deposit their author final version of an article in the Repository and make and distribute copies of their research.

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