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Law: UWC Law Referencing Style

Chapters in Books

Chapters in Books

  • Where an author refers to a chapter in a book written by a specific author (most commonly in a book constituted of chapters by experts on a common theme, and which have been collected and edited by a general editor or editors), then both the chapter and the book must be referenced in full when the work is cited.
  • The author must be referred to exactly as indicated above, and the titles of chapters in collections are always in sentence case and roman. The book is to be cited as above.


Bear M & Bear D ‘Too hot, too cold, just right?’ in Goldilocks M (ed) The Politics of Cookery 3 ed (2004) 23–7.

In the bibliography, the page numbers must be omitted and replaced with publisher and place of publication.

Some works (especially LAWSA and looseleaf books) can give problems. Try to follow this style:

Kerr AJ ‘Lease’ in Joubert WA (founding ed) The Law of South Africa vol 14 First Reissue (1999) para 164.
Bloggs J ‘Executive government’ in Woolman S et al (eds) Constitutional Law of South Africa 2 ed (Service 12) 6-18.



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