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International Law Reports

International Law Reports
International Court of Justice Reports cited as ICJ Rep. Year as on spine of ICJ reports. Provide page on which case begins, and page cited, if necessary. If an advisory opinion, do not cite names of parties.


Military and Paramilitary Activities in and against Nicaragua (Nicaragua v US) (Merits) [1986] ICJ Rep 14 92
Corfu Channel (UK v Albania) (Merits) [1949] ICJ Rep 4.
Interpretation of Peace Treaties with Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania (Advisory Opinion) [1950] ICJ Rep 65 68.

Permanent Court of International Justice cited as PCIJ. These were published in six series (A to F). Cite by number of the case, not the page on which the case begins.


Chorzow Factory (Germany v Poland) (Jurisdiction) [1928] PCIJ (ser A) No 178.
Diversion of Water from the Meuse (Netherlands v Belgium) [1937] PCIJ (ser A/B) No 70 7.

United Nations Reports of International Arbitral Awards
Trail Sineltere Arbitration (US v Canada) (1938 and 1941) 3 RIAA 1905.



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