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Law: UWC Law Referencing Style



Broad (Pty) Ltd v Thin 2008 (4) SA 456 (SCA)
Ex parte Stoter [1996] 4 All SA 329 (E)
Harris v Minister of Education 2001 (8) BCLR 796 (T)
Franks v University of the North (2002) 22 ILK 1158 (LC)
S v Martin 1996 (2) SACR 378 (W)

All case titles are to appear in italics.
The case name and citation should be given in full and exactly as it appears in the relevant law report
Paragraph references or page references (with marginal letters) may be given.
If the case is not reported in a published set of law reports, provide some form of citation for the purposes of reference. This could be a JOL or JDR citation, or a neutral citation used by the courts and Southern African Legal Information Institute (SAFLII).
With the proliferation of electronic databases and neutral citations, there is less and less call to refer to a case as being unreported. However, where it is necessary to do so, use the following, the date being the date of judgment:
Dlamini v Jacobs (NPD) unreported case no 98/05 (3 August 2006).


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