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Research Data Management: Home

This Guide will provide information on processes, procedures and policies with regards to research data management (RDM), as well as access to resources and tools that can support researchers in managing their data.

Research Data Services

The UWC Research Data Services provides guidance and support for all aspects of the data life-cycle, from planning your data management during the proposal phase through preserving your data at the conclusion of the research project.

Useful Tools

Useful tools to address research data management challenges:

An online tool for the creation of data management plans (DMPs). Includes DMP templates for many funders.

Zenodo- UWC Research Data Repository

A searchable list of data repositories to locate an appropriate place to archive research data.

A database of metadata schema; browse by discipline, results include related tools for capturing or creating metadata.

Funding Requirements

To promote open access to research data, many funding agencies require research data produced as a funded project to be made publicly available. Many funding agencies have stipulated requirements for data sharing and a formal data management plan.

Closer to home, the National Research Foundation (NRF) issued its own statement. See the full statement link below; 

Full Statement on Open Access to Research Publications from the National Research Foundation (NRF)-Funded Research

The following is a selection of the core funding agencies for the potential researcher to consider:

Librarian: Repository and Digital Scholarship

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Mark Snyders

RDM Services @UWC

RDM services @ UWC Library

‚ÄčAdvisory services

Consultation sessions relating to the following areas:

Creation of data management plans

Management of research data during the research process

Management of research data after the conclusion of the research process

Data sharing and dissemination methods

Appropriate mediums for sharing and disseminating research data