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Industrial Psychology

This guide will help you discover key resources such as books, journal articles, relevant databases and other relevant information that supports your study of Industrial Psychology.


The library collects books to support your studies. More recently we are purchasing mainly eBooks. This page presents three main categories of books: New Books, Prescribed Textbooks and Reference Books.

You can find books in the library by using uKwazi. The video below will guide you on how to search for books and articles on uKwazi.


Ebooks can be accessed by clicking on the relevant link on uKwazi. Physical books are shelved according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) System and Industrial Psychology books are mainly located on Level 7 and Level 11 of the main library on the following subject categories and DDC numbers:


DDC  NO.   

Industrial Psychology Level 11; 158.7
Industrial Psychology Level 5 Short Loans; 158.7
Human Resources

Level 7; 658.3

Human Resources Level 5 Short Loans; 658


We have recently added a few new book titles to our collection. Make sure to check this page regularly to discover fresh and exciting titles that have been added. Stay updated with the latest additions to our collection!

The following are prescribed textbooks for your subject. However, please note that it is essential to refer to your course outline or consult with your lecturer to ensure accuracy regarding the exact prescribed texts for your specific course or level of study.

We have curated a selection of key reference books in our collection for this subject. 

Reference books, also known as reference materials or resources, are specialized publications that provide concise and reliable information on specific subjects. They are designed to be consulted for quick reference, providing factual details, definitions, explanations, and summaries. Reference books often cover a wide range of topics and are typically organized in alphabetical order or by subject for easy access. Examples of reference books include dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, almanacs, handbooks, and directories.


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