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Referencing: Harvard

Comprehensive guide to the Harvard Referencing Style


Social Media 

For social media posts with no tittle, include 10 words of the content followed by an abbreviations and include what type of post it is eg Twitter

Reference Author(s) Last name, Initials.(Year of post) [Twitter] Day Month of twitter. Available at: URL [Accessed Day Month Year] 

Example: UCD School of Archaeology (2014) [Twitter]23 October. Available at 16 December 2021).

In-Text Citation

  • Author(s) Last name(Year)
  • (Author(s)Last name ,Year)


  • UCD School of Archaeology (2014)reports that Lactose intolerance....
  • It has been found that after 5,000 years of agriculture, early Europeans remained intolerant to lactose(UCD School of Archaeology.2014).

Note: date of post is used for in-text citation


Blog posts

Blog post with author listed

Rule: Author A (Day Month Year) 'Title of article: subtitle', Name of Blog, accessed Day Month Year. URL

Example :Ntloko K.(01 January 2022) Imbalie beauty now ready to bloom, accessed 08 February 22.

Blog post without author listed

Rule: Name of Blog( Day Month Year) 'Title of article subtitle of article', Name of Blog, accessed Day Month Year. URL

Comment on a blog post

Rule :Author A(Day Month Year) 'Re: Title of post: subtitle of post' [blog comment],Name of Blog, accessed Day Month Year. URL




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