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UWC Research Repository (IR): How to Deposit

The University of Western Cape's Research Repository was established in 2010 to provide online access to UWC research output.

Steps on how to deposit your publications

Register at and you will receive an email by the Repository staff once you have been set up to submit to a particular collection. You will be given rights to deposist to the collection of your department, unit or project.

Next step is Start a new submission.

Step 1: Initial questions about publication

You are asked to indicate responses to two options.

The first asks whether the item you are depositing has been published or publicly distributed before

The second asks about the peer review status of the work you are submitting.

Step 4: Upload a file

Browse your computer for the file you want to attach. Repository staff will convert Microsoft Word files to pdf after submission.

You have the option to upload other associated files, eg data files. State the relationship of the files in the Description field.

Step 6: Grant License

Read through the deposit licence and click on “I grant licence” if you agree to the terms.

Unpublished items: You hold copyright and should feel free to grant licence.

Published items: Once the Library has cleared copyright permissions and advised on which version may be deposited, you may confidently grant the licence.

You may also consult the Sherpa Romeo database of publisher policies (search by journal title or publisher).

Start a new submission

Login and click on Submissions, then “Start a new submission”. Select the collection to which you would like to submit.

Next step is Step 1: Initial questions about publication.

Step 2-3: Describe the publication you are depositing

Depending on whether your work has been previously published or not, you will be presented with different fields to complete. Fill in as much as you can. Click the pdf document below for a description of the fields that you need to fill in.

Step 5: Verify submission

You will be given the opportunity to check the information you have provided is accurate.

Click on “Correct one of these” to make corrections, if necessary. You are nearly done!

Step 7: Submission complete

Once you click "Submission complete", the Repository staff receive an automated email stating that "A new item has been submitted".

At this stage, the submission is not visible until the copyright policy of the journal has been sought by the Repository staff. After this information is known, the submission is finalised and then only it becomes visible. 

You will then receive notification of the hyperlink of the item deposited. Use this hyperlink from the Repository when you list your publications in networking websites such as Mendeley, ResearchGate, or LinkedIn.

A quick guide for submitters

Download the pdf document below for all the steps to follow for submitters.


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