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UWC Research Repository (IR): Benefits to depositing

The University of Western Cape's Research Repository was established in 2010 to provide online access to UWC research output.

What are the benefits for my research?

  • Research papers are easily discovered through Google, Google Scholar and other search engines;
  • Increases impact, visibility and usage of research on the internet;
  • Provides new contacts and can result in research partnerships for authors;
  • Repositories provide usage statistics, which reveal international interest;
  • Secure storage of research, as well as stability and longevity.


What are the benefits for UWC?

  • Research is available in one place, rather than spread across hundreds of journals, which increases the online visibility and prestige of the institution;
  • The quality of the institution's academic output can be an effective marketing tool for the institution, attracting new students and academics, as well as funding prospects;
  • Institutions can measure and assess its research programmes, if the research is available in the institutional repository; and
  • Research funders are increasingly needing to see the return on their investment and value for money, and evidence of research impact is a crucial way that higher education demonstrates its value.


What are the benefits for the Public?

  • Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) play a key role in innovation. Thus access to current research findings is crucial. Visibility of the research enables SMEs and universities to have a collaborative relationship.
  • A 2011 study,  Access to research and technical information in Denmark, states the economic implications of being able to access research. The report findings were that 79% of the SMEs have difficulties accessing online research. With the result, €73m per year is spent on accessing research to researchers in Danish firms.  The authors found that the average delay in producing a product without access to academic research is 2.2 years and new products cost €4.8 million per company.   [Houghton, Swan & Brown, 2011]



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