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Information Literacy Tutorial: Module 2

A module-based information literacy tutorial that addresses each stage of the research process, including selecting a topic, identifying information needs, selecting sources, locating information, evaluating information, and citing sources.

Learning Objectives


'An Introduction to Types of Information'

 The student will:

  • Given a need for a particular type of information (i.e. overview, scientific research, news), identify and use an appropriate type of source, such as:
    • encyclopedia article
    • book
    • magazine article
    • journal article
    • newspaper article
    • primary source
    • government publication
  • Differentiate between popular magazines and scholarly journals
  • Articulate the advantages of the different types of media in which information is found
  • Differentiate among major finding aids typically used in libraries:  library catalog, research databases, Internet search engines. 

Module 2. Getting started on your assignment

First, read the Learning Objectives at left. Then, click here to begin Module 2.

Module 2 has 6 pages, as follows:



A. Understanding your Assignment (What are you expected to do)
B. Defining an Information Need (What information do you need, what type, how much)
C. Information Types (Explanation of the purpose of different sources of information)

D. Popular Magazines vs. Scholarly Journals (Learning to tell the difference)

E. Media Types (Print and online information sources)
F. Research Tools (Where to start searching)






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