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Information Literacy Tutorial

A module-based information literacy tutorial that addresses each stage of the research process, including selecting a topic, identifying information needs, selecting sources, locating information, evaluating information, and citing sources.

Keyword and Subject Searching


  Keyword and Subject Searching  

Keyword Searching 

keyword (or word) search retrieves words or phrases from several important fields, usually title, subject and abstract.

Keyword search: information communication technology


bject Searching

A subject search involves searching for a
subject heading in a database.  A subject heading is a consistent term used when there are several ways to state a concept. Search in the database thesaurus to find a subject heading for your topic.

Subject Search: information technology



Keyword & Subject Comparison

Keyword Searching       Subject Searching

-Searches subject, title, and abstract fields
-May search for any term
-May retrieve irrelevant items




-Searches subject field only
-Must use subject headings (from database thesaurus)
-Retrieves relevant items




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