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Information Literacy Tutorial: A. Why Evaluate?

A module-based information literacy tutorial that addresses each stage of the research process, including selecting a topic, identifying information needs, selecting sources, locating information, evaluating information, and citing sources.

Which ones are best?

Why Evaluate?

 Why Evaluate? 

 In today's information age anyone who has the necessary skills can find a wealth of information on almost any topic. The challenge is to sift through a huge amount of information and identify sources that are reliable and appropriate.

Whether you find information in books and periodicals, on the Internet, or on television, you cannot assume it is reliable. The user is responsible for evaluating information and judging its quality.

This module will explore the criteria by which to judge a source's

  • authority
  • timeliness
  • documentation
  • purpose
  • review process
  • suitability



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